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Isabelle Vedel, MD, PhD

McGill University
Assistant Professor, Department of Family Medicine

Isabelle Vedel is a Public health physician and Assistant Professor in the Department of Family Medicine at McGill University. 

Dr. Vedel conducts health services research in primary healthcare services for older patients with chronic diseases. Specifically, she is conducting studies on the implementation and impact of new models of primary healthcare, such as integrated care services for the elderly and collaborative care models for patients with Alzheimer’s or related diseases. She is the co-founder, and scientific director of the pan-Canadian research team “Recherche sur l’Organisation des Services de santé pour l’Alzheimer” (Research on the Organization of Health Services for Alzheimer) ROSA funded by the Canadian Consortium on Neurodegeneration in Aging (CIHR). She conducted an evaluation research on the implementation and impact of the Quebec Alzheimer plan using mixed methods (chart review, surveys, interviews, focus groups, analysis of administrative databases). She is also the Associate Director McGill Observatory on Health and Social Services Reforms. She has received continuous research funding from various organizations, including Fonds de recherche Québec Santé (FRQS), CIHR, Ministère de la santé et des services sociaux du Québec, Ministère de la santé de France. She has published more than 70 articles in peer-review journals.