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Ian Clark

Natural Resources Canada
Chief of the Economic Research, Science Integration and Outreach Division
Ian Clark is Chief of the Economic Research, Science Integration and Outreach Division at Natural Resources Canada.  The Division leads several initiatives to strengthen science and policy integration across the Department. One major initiative is NRCan's annual Science and Policy Integration Leadership Bootcamp - a one-week course that provides participants from both policy and science streams, the training, tools and networks to become future leaders in integrating  science and policy. The Division also leads on NRCan's Long-term Cross-sectoral Economic and Policy Research Agenda which commissions economic and policy research on emerging NRCan priority issues to address research and knowledge gaps.  These research papers often include research and analyses that draw on scientific findings and analysis  to inform policy.  The Division is also actively involved in NRCan's formal mechanisms such as the Policy and Science Integration Committee - for example, presenting outcomes to senior management on results of the Science and Policy Bootcamp.  Ian's team also leads the Department's NRCan Speaker Series which hosts internal and external speakers to present on major issues impacting NRCan, many of them integrating science and policy perspectives.  Prior to NRCan, Ian worked for more 12 years in the Health Portfolio (Health Canada and the Public Health Agency) where he drew on scientific research and evidence to inform policy in areas such as population health, health promotion/disease prevention and issues related to aging.