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Gabriel Snowboy

Nihtaauchin Chisasibi Center of Sustainability

Gabriel Snowboy is from the Cree Nation of Chisasibi, located near the shores of the James Bay, northern Quebec. Gabriel spent most his career helping to make the community a better place, either by building houses or by community-based projects that benefit the youth and whole community of Chisasibi. He is currently working at the Chisasibi Business Service Center (CBSC) and he is the project coordinator of the Chisasibi Community Greenhouse Project which aims to create a northern viable greenhouse with renewable energy technology and solar thermal energy technology proven efficient in northern environments. 

Gabriel Snowboy is also the President of the newly formed non-profit organization, Nihtaauchin Chisasibi Center of Sustainability. The word Nih-taau-chin can be translated as “something that grows” in the Cree language.  The mission of Nihtaauchin is to strengthen the autonomy of the community and to build the framework that will guide research, education, and action to build the foundations for the sustainable management in production system and sustainable design for food, water, and green energy while combining innovation with Eeyou knowledge and expertise in ways that respect and benefit the Cree Nation of Chisasibi. 

Gabriel is determined to teach the importance of agriculture by generating local knowledge, and agricultural training in Chisasibi welcoming the whole Cree Nation to participate. He continues to facilitate gardening activities in the childcare centers in Chisasibi, in order to help children discover the principles of gardening, enabling them to maintain plants in a way that respects the biodiversity of the natural world while also teaching these fundamental principles to younger generations.