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Dr. Monica Granados

FQRNT and Wildlife Conservation Society Canada Postdoctoral Fellow
Dr. Monica Granados is a scientist, science communicator and champion of open science. As a FQRNT
and Wildlife Conservation Society Canada postdoctoral fellow, she uses food web theory to monitor
changes in freshwater systems and provide tangible recommendations to decision makers and the
public. A staunch advocate of open science, Monica works on making all the code and manuscripts from
her research openly available. She is part of the Leadership Team at PREreview – an open organization
working to improve training in peer review and the adoption of preprints. Monica is also a member of
Making Box Brigade – Guelph’s premier improv performance troupe. Recognizing how the principles of
improv were transforming her into a better science communicator, Monica developed workshops on
using improv to tell better science stories and deliver more engaging presentations. She has taught her
workshops at universities in Canada and the US, to staff at Wildlife Conservation Society Canada, and to
attendees of the Mozilla Festival.