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Dr. Jeff Dunn

Professor, Department of Radiology, University of Calgary; Graduate Program Director, Cumming School of Medicine
Dr. Jeff Dunn is a Professor of Radiology with a focus on medical imaging and MRI. He is a graduate
program director in the Cumming School of Medicine and has a broad interest in science communication
His research has taken him from a PhD in Zoology at the University of British Columbia and St. Andrews
University to Oxford University and Dartmouth Medical School. He moved to Calgary in 2004 as the
Canada Research Chair in Biomedical Imaging, and the Director of the Experimental Imaging Centre in
the Cumming School of Medicine, with the goal of developing and applying new imaging methods for
biomedical research and clinical application. After graduating from the Banff Science Communication
course, he set up a collaboration with the Science Writers and Communicators of Canada and the Loose
Moose Theatre in Calgary to develop a communication training program for researchers based on
improvisation. He has delivered the “Act your Science” improvisation training program to a range of
students and faculty, as well as to participants at scientific conferences.