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Dr. Dana Devine

Canadian Blood Services
Chief Scientist
Dr. Dana Devine was chief medical and scientific officer, leading the medical services and innovation
division at Canadian Blood Services from 2001 to 2017. This included responsibility for transfusion
medicine, donor and transplantation services, emerging pathogens and infectious diseases, surveillance
and epidemiology, as well as research and development. In 2018, she became the organization’s first
chief scientist. Dana joined Canadian Blood Services in 1999 as the executive director of research and

Dana was integral to the development of Canadian Blood Services’ internationally renowned Centre for
Innovation as well as its netCAD Blood4Research facility in Vancouver. She is Professor of Pathology and
Laboratory Medicine at the University of British Columbia, and a founding member of the University’s
Centre for Blood Research. She is also Editor-in-Chief of the blood transfusion journal Vox Sanguinis.

Dr. Devine completed her research training at Duke University in North Carolina where she obtained the
Ph.D. degree. She has 30 years of professional association with the University of British Columbia’s
Faculty of Medicine as an educator and mentor in blood research. Dana leads a research lab within the
Centre for Blood Research at UBC where the research focus is on blood product manufacturing and
quality assessment, as well as pathogen inactivation technologies.