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Mohammad Asadi Lari

Managing Director, STEM Fellowship & MD/PhD Candidate, U of T

Mohammad is co-founder and managing director of STEM Fellowship and an MD/PhD candidate at the University of Toronto. In May 2018, he graduated from the Honours in Cellular, Anatomical and Physiological Sciences (CAPS) program from the University of British Columbia and subsequently moved to Toronto. He’s spent part of the past 22 years moving around the world: born in Iran, spending around 7 years of his childhood in the UK, his teenage years back in Tehran, and finally settling in Canada 5 years ago when he was in grade 12.

His fascination for science started to blossom when he was in grade 9, back in his Iranian high school’s chemistry lab, and thanks to some incredible teacher-mentors. Since then, he’s explored (and published) in nano chemistry, cancer immunology, neurosurgery and neuroscience. He has also published in the political sciences and scientific communication. His passion for science and research is why he is pursuing the combined physician-scientist training at U of T, and for his work as a social entrepreneur.

Outside of school and STEM Fellowship, Mohammad has led and/or advised youth engagement initiatives within the Canadian Commission for UNESCO, the Canadian Red Cross, the Canadian Institutes for Health Research, Science World BC and the League of Innovators. He’s a Board member for the federal youth civic engagement charity- Apathy is Boring-, an advisor to PeerBuds (block-chain educational startup in Silicon Valley) and a pre-health sciences course director for NextGenU- a free, accredited online learning platform for aspiring healthcare professionals around the world.

Mohammad is a TEDx speaker, 3M National Student Fellow, Governor General’s bronze academic medal recipient, UBC Faces of Today Leadership Award, Society for Scholarly Publishing Fellow, 2018 RBC Top 25 Immigrant Finalist and a winner of scientific olympiad medals on a national and international level.