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Madeline Johnson

Global Affairs Canada
Foreign Service Officer
Madeline Johnson is a Foreign Service Officer with Global Affairs Canada (GAC), currently working in
the Foreign Policy Research and Foresight Division as a Senior Policy Analyst. She is the lead coordinator of the International Policy Ideas Challenge and contributes to a critical assessment of policies and common assumptions through research. She believes diplomacy requires a professional eye for the immediate and the long term to undertake strategic problem solving, both proactive and reactive, through cultivating relationships and maintaining flexibility to ensure Canadian interests are served. Madeline has covered bilateral relations for geographic areas as diverse as Ukraine and Central America, has led on operational aspects of GAC’s embassy in Afghanistan, and recently completed a posting in Abuja, Nigeria. Prior to joining Global Affairs, Madeline volunteered for two years with Canadian development organization, CUSO, in Arusha, Tanzania. Madeline holds a Master of Science in Community Health and Epidemiology and a Bachelor of Arts in International Studies.