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Deborah Gordon-El Bihbety

President & CEO, Research Canada: An Alliance for Health Discovery
Ms. Deborah Gordon-El-Bihbety has been the President and CEO of Research Canada for fifteen years. She brings considerable executive level experience in public policy, health advocacy, government relations,
association management, project management and media relations to Research Canada. Before joining Research Canada (then the Council for Health Research in Canada) in 2003, Ms. Gordon-El-Bihbety was the Associate Chief Executive Officer at the Canadian Public Health Association, where she was responsible for the Association’s national programs and businesses.

Ms. Gordon-El-Bihbety helped to create and co-chairs the R8 (Research Eight), a group of eight national organizations dedicated to advancing health research in Canada. She created the Parliamentary Health Research Caucus in 2009 with Senator Wilbert Keon in an effort to better educate Parliamentarians about the social and economic benefits of Canadian health research and health innovation. The Caucus is now a mainstay of Research Canada’s advocacy efforts.

Ms. Gordon-El-Bihbety has a background in health research, having published in the Canadian Medical
Association Journal and a number of other journals. She was the Co-chair of the Expert Panel on Health
Literacy and the co-author of the Report of the Expert Panel, entitled, A Vision for a Health Literate
Canada, published in January 2008. She also chaired the Leaders’ Forum Steering Committee which
resulted in the 2004 Leaders Forum for Health Research in Canada in Ottawa. She is a past Board
Director of the Elisabeth Bruyère Research Institute and has worked closely with many national health
associations on a wide variety of health research and health policy issues.
Ms. Gordon-El-Bihbety is also a published novelist.